Four Bathroom Tub Trends: 2018

Realtor clients are increasingly installing free-standing and soaking tubs. Tina Ramchandani for Realtor found that bathtub renovations are outpacing quick shower designs in today's market. Soaking tubs made of concrete and installed with wood and marble are examples of materials with imperfections that give character to surfaces and create depth in the bathroom.

Unique bathtubs beyond the white marble and beige travertine looks of yesterday are the new crazes. Matt finishes and metallic accents have homeowners attention to detail today. We did a deep dive of 500 bathroom photographs from Houzz to see current bathtub trends. Some of the more innovative  and attractive styles are selected below:

 1. Victorian era claw-foot bathtubs were shown with chandeliers overhead inside of bathroom nooks that punch out like bay windows. Metallic finishes on the bathtub claws and fixtures are popular. Return of color to the bathroom in tiles, grout, and stone are showing blush pink or blue palettes. Porcelain stand-alone tubs with a painted surface outside appeared in many bathrooms. Mounting your bathtub on small platforms gives dimension to your bathing area. 

 2. Spa shower stalls that were oversized to make room for a free-standing bathtub inside the area with a small wooden seat mounted against the back wall. Round and high sided stand-alone plunging tubs give a more spa-like experience in the bathroom. Infinity bathtubs also turn bathrooms into a spa with an overflowing bath. Extra-deep reservoir features a continuous water flow. Deep Japanese soaking tubs are replacing water-jet Jacuzzi tubs today.

 3. Minimalism and functionality with water conservation resources are gaining momentum today. Natural, functional, and practical styles reflect the mood today. Materials: granite is losing popularity says, Amanda Gales, CEO, and founder of Gates Interior Design. Marble is still a durable and elegant choice, and bronze, silver, and gold are becoming more favored over rose gold and copper.

Matte surfaces are more in demand than glossy finishes. The appeal of warm looks that meet the original minimalist interior designs of today preferred a terracotta matte finish with an earthy look and used on floors as well as tiles. Bathtubs with external surfaces made of wood give the naturalist an option that blends well with natural bathrooms. Chic wood soaking tubs provide a nostalgic feel for the past and a relaxed frame of mind.

 4. Extravagant trends include some rare options that can transform your entire bathroom by installing deep glass side to a three-walled shower stall. It was the most innovative and creative style found. You walk into an oversized glass tub which was transparent. It looked like suspended water that immediately felt like a swimming pool. The homeowners had it built for their children. 

Another incredibly creative option for a natural tub material is a potato-shaped river rock bathtub that looks like a brown ceramic with a rough finish and uneven surface. Hand carved stone tubs are this year's must-have bathroom addition. Each stone block is carved-by-hand and is unique.


Grandiose and unrealistic trends are on the way out. Inspiration and creativity can be too much of a good thing, and functionality has become more desirable. Smart designs are making use of natural materials that reflect a thoughtful and relaxing environment to shed the stress of the day. Oversized tubs are much more comfortable as consumers turn to their bathrooms for a relaxing end of the daily routine.