Baby Boomers prefer Generation Z over Millennial

The HuffPost published George Beall's article about the differences between Gen Z and Millenials. Gen Z represents anyone born after 1995 while the Millennial was approximately 21 years earlier. Dial-up computers and the recession were significant impacts for the Millennial. By contrast, mobile phone use and apps that provide instant information were the most prevalent influence in the Gen Z's technology-intensive environment. Gen Z is 25.9% of the United States population which will be over one-third by the year 2020.

What does the Gen Z generation have in common with the Baby Boomer? Love of independence with a higher drive to become entrepreneurs. 92% of Gen Z'ers have a digital footprint and a desire for uniqueness in all facets of life. The main thing they have in common is individuality. Millennial folks are more likely to seek security-based environments that limit their susceptibility to financial hardships. The group demonstrates a team mentality to the exclusion of individual difference.

Employers are going to hire Gen Z over Millennial employees because they are less expensive to hire and globally oriented. College was not as necessary for the Gen Z student because they are self-taught and have a lower attention span. They are going to be more creative and unique members of society just like the Baby Boomers were with their entrepreneurial spirit in the 1960's.